About Us

FreshFruit offers fresh seasonal fruit delivered to your door, nationwide.

FreshFruit, backed by New Zealand Fruit Growers and New Zealand Cherry Wine Ltd, is a New Zealand based seller of high quality, fresh fruit. We work with the best growers domestically and internationally to supply fruit to the NZ market. We are focused on quality and freshness, delivering fruit to our customers through efficient cool-chain distribution systems. Our New Zealand cherries are exported globally through our related company New Zealand Cherry Partnership, trading as New Zealand Cherry Corp.

We develop strong relationships with both New Zealand and international growers to ensure continuity of supply when local produce is unavailable. We are growers ourselves and we only source fruit from orchards where production standards meet our own high quality management systems.

Our growers comply with Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) ensuring our customers all over the world have confidence in food safety standards and product traceability.

Only the best fruit is selected and our commitment to our buyers is quality, consistency, food security, reliability and service.